24 luxury dwellings in Aravaca

A forthcoming residential building promotion within an exceptional location in one of the best districts in Madrid, Aravaca.


24 semidetached luxury dwellings designed to reach the top quality standards, creating unique and exclusive spaces which include private swimming pool and gardens

Paseo la Habana Homes

A forthcoming residential building promotion within an exceptional location in one of the best districts in Madrid, inside the exclusive zone delimited by Castellana street, Serrano street and Joaquín Costa street.

Holding different typologies acording to the different house layouts, which have been designed to reach the top quality standards, the building includes unique and exclusive spaces including a skyline swimming pool, gym and a chill-out lounge. 

56 unit residential building in Mirasierra

Located in one of the most exclusive districts of Madrid, it casts a sober and calm image, which matches the architecture of the surroundings, as well as contemporary, strengthened by the terraces and planters incorporated to the facade.

A porch underneath the building, where the different entrance halls are conceived as glass boxes, allows the permeability of the common areas, as well as the inner garden, conformed by native deciduous trees.

Roberto Domingo Residential Building

Residential complex located in Roberto Domingo street, next to Las Ventas Bullring, developed in two quite different buildings, the first one, a 9-storey block, and the second one constituted of a single family houses block.

Inside the plot,open spaces organized in gardenns, swimming pool, sauna, toilets and playing area. The ventilated facades incorporate a natural limestone cladding system, except for the top floor, where the limestone is replaced by aluminium.

114 unit Residential Building in Torrejón de Ardoz

Winning entry for subsidized housing. The project is organized by means of three blocks aligned with the main avenue, where sustainability is key.


A cutting-edge image has been the other main key of the project, achieved through color,  being a fundamental part of the building,  both in the bricks as well as in the aluminium panels and louvers, where the different shades have been used to attain a dynamic whole.

64 unit residential building in Cazorla, Jaén

We were commissioned to replace the old food market with a new one, which include business premises, proffesional offices and public housing. The  whole is organized by means of a longitudinal block facing the historic Market Square.

The overall image is very powerful, with large longitudinal terraces which can be closed with mouvable louvers, providing the facade with a changing appearance, emphasized by the use of color.


Donoso Cortés 68, bajo A

28015. Madrid


Tel. 91 544 44 42



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